Parent Rx 360 (Adult) is a community education workshop which aims at educating parents, and caregivers that help to discuss the important role for parents and caregivers in preventing prescription drug abuse.

Throughout the one-hour, one-day presentation, important topics are discussed such as:

  • Reasons why individuals are misusing prescription drugs
  • Communication with family/friends
  • How to safeguard your medications
  • How to spot medicine abuse
  • Proper disposal methods

Youth Rx 360 (Youth) is a 1-hour community education workshop that educates on the dangers of prescription drug abuse and how to dispose of prescription drugs safely and effectively.

Teens who participate in the Rx360 teen’s workshop will learn the Following:

  • Resistance strategies
  • Dangers of prescription drug abuse
  • Sharing medication risks

Marijuana 360 (Adult): Takes a look at what is marijuana, what are the current trends around marijuana use and why you as a parent are so important in preventing marijuana use with your children.

Vaping 360 (Adult/Youth): While promoted to help people quit smoking, e-cigarettes are now being marketed to children with different flavors and used in ways that are appealing to them. This presentation gives you information to talk with your child about e-cigarettes and the danger they pose.

MADD’s Power of Parents (Adult) program empowers parents of middle school and high school students to have ongoing, intentional conversations about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking.

MADD’s Power of Youth (Youth) program not only teaches youth why it is important to stay away from alcohol and other drugs, but they also teaches them real life strategies.

To schedule a training for youth or adults click here.

Presentations are provided in Spanish upon request

Adult and youth presentations are often provided concurrently to accommodate family learning

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