South Mountain W.O.R.K.S. To Stop Underage Drinking and Drug Use

This campaign is designed to call to action the stakeholder’s, community members and families to take charge and prevent youth alcohol and drug use. South Mountain W.O.R.K.S. To Stop Underage Drinking and Drug Use campaign encourages the South Mountain community to get involved in three easy steps:

1. Educate

Become educated on how to prevent youth substance use/misuse. Attend trainings, workgroups, or committee meetings to engage in youth substance use prevention learning and coalition events and activities planning.

2. Equip

Help equip the community with the tools needed to reduce youth substance use/misuse. Provide trainings, information and resources during events and activities.

3. Empower

Build confidence and strength, empowering South Mountain to take control of their lives and situations. Foster environmental change by helping community members advocate for a healthy and drug free community, policies and programs.

This campaign encourages volunteers, youth, and community members to share their stories – good, bad or funny.
To share your story:

1) Take a video or picture of you volunteering or working to improve South Mountain

2) Post your video at and use #SMWORKS

3) Share your story and others’ stories across your social media to encourage South Mountain to stop underage drinking and drug use.

South Mountain WORKS