COVID-19 South Mountain Phoenix Resource Guide

In a continued effort to serve our community we have put together a resource guide for our community members. We have a comprehensive list, all in one place, for you to easily access a variety of services focused in the South Mountain area.   We hit the most pressing topics of  mental well being, food security (including schools sites and mobile meals for children), as well as clinics serving the South Mountain Community. In addition it also has links to reliable Covid-19 resources, including Facebook resource groups, Spanish language resources, and telehealth sites for possible testing. For those of you with children home till next school year there are also a few educational resource links.

This is but one of the ways we will continue to support you through this time. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we will keep posting information ranging from stress reducing mindfulness exercises, messages of encouragement from our leadership team, and news regarding our Coalition projects. 

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