April is Alcohol Awareness Month- Lets Shatter Some Myths and Talk Alcohol

MYTH: My friends drink alcohol so it won’t hurt if I do too
FACT: Drinking during teen years interferes with normal brain development and changes the brain in ways that have negative effects on information processing and learning.


MYTH: I’m a safe driver even after drinking
FACT: SAMHSA Arizona’s state reports 18% percentage of all fatal crashes involving 15-20 year old drivers had a BAC (blood, alcohol, content) of 0.01


MYTH: I can’t overdose on alcohol
FACT: Not only can you die from alcohol poisoning but overdose increases if the teen is already on a sedative hypnotic (such as Valium, Xanax, Benadryl) or pain medication.


Parents are the number one influence in a child’s choices.
DO YOU KNOW how to talk to your kids about alcohol use?

  • Take advantage of teachable moments: You both are watching a movie where teen drinking is shown. Initiate conversation by asking their opinions on alcohol.
  • Teach them to be firm and friendly when turning down a drink. Teach them the dangers of drunk driving and to avoid getting into a car with an intoxicated driver.
  • Be patient: If they have been caught drinking, do not yell or shout. Reassure them and simply ask them to tell you what happened that night.


For more tips on talking to your teen about Alcohol please visit our Let’s Talk link and download the parent talk kit:


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